Mining transformers

Class C insulated dry type mining transformers are extremely robust in construction and are used in applications either in an open cast mine environment or underground, at the base of a mine. To keep height and losses to a minimum both 3 and 5 limb cores are employed.

These are dry type naturally air cooled flameproof Class C insulated  transformers, we have currently manufactured the largest power rating of 4500MVA ever used underground in the UK.

Load Bank reactors

Loadbank’s provide a stable, continuous and variable load to imitate real loads in real time. This means backup systems can be periodically fully tested, ensuring they meet the original design criteria Efficient power generation, they are used in Oil & Gas, Marine, Health and data centres to name a few.

Air cooled Transformers

Dry type air cooled transformers can be manufactured suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. They are widely used for Data centres, for inclusion into customer equipment, environmentally sensitive areas, marine and offshore. 

The modern insulation systems and materials utilised in these transformers are Class F, H and C.

Cast Resin Transformers

We produce Cast Resin transformers from 100kVA up to 3MVA at competitive prices. Please contact us for further details, or to see our stock list.

Liquid cooled transformers

Mineral oil or synthetic fluid filled equipment are robust can be installed indoors or outdoors in harsh environments and require very little maintenance and a long life expectancy.

Network Rail transformers

Dry type air cooled/ liquid cooled transformers for trackside use, we have designed and supplied transformers with minimal inrush currents to stop nuisance tripping of strategic control equipment, DC traction, light rail, tram and main line equipment. 

Refurbishment and rewinds

We offer a service for the refurbishment of electrical transformer equipment originally manufactured by others. This can be air or fluid cooled units

Refurbishment can cover many areas from complete rewind of transformer, core and coils, tank work, new radiators or the complete re-design of equipment to suit a new specific application.

Super Low Loss Amorphous core transformers

BWS are currently the only UK manufacturer who design and manufacture amorphous core transformers. This will transform your energy costs and CO2 emissions.

An amorphous core transformer WILL reduce the core loss by up to 75% when compared to conventional steel core transformer.

A typical 1000Kva CRGOS transformer has a core loss of 1200Watts, this compared to 380Watts from an amorphous core of the same rating This gives an instant saving and is constant over the lifetime of the transformer,

We add taps to the HV winding which can further reduce your overall energy consumption by lowering the incoming voltage to your facility typically from 415-400 down to 390-380 volts typically reducing power consumption by another 5-7%. This could result in a saving £65000, over a 25 year period..

We manufacture ONAN KNAN & AN Amorphous core transformers from 100Kva to 3000Kva with incoming voltages up-to 11000 volts and any voltage in between.

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